Share a storyboard

By sharing a storyboard, you allow other users or groups (recipients) to view your storyboard. If you update a shared storyboard, all your changes are automatically visible to the recipients.

Before sharing a storyboard, you can grant the recipients the right to reshare it. The right to reshare is not granted by default.

Note: If you plan to embed a storyboard, you need to share it with the users who will view the embedded storyboard. For details, see Embed a storyboard.

  • You have the Storyboards Creator role. The role is granted by an administrator in Access Manager.
  • You have permission to share storyboards.
  • You have a storyboard to share: a storyboard in My storyboards, or a storyboard in Shared with me for which you have the permission to reshare.
  1. On the application sidebar, click Storyboards.

    The Storyboards pane appears. For details, see Storyboards pane.

  2. For the storyboard (tile or row), point to More actions, and then click Share > Share.

    Alternatively, you can open the storyboard, click Storyboard options on the Storyboards toolbar, and then click Share > Share.

    The Share storyboard dialog appears.

  3. If you want your recipients to be able to reshare your storyboard with other users, select Allow recipients to share the storyboard.

    This setting will not allow setting storyboard’s permissions.

  4. Specify who should receive the storyboard:

    1. Groups – Click Groups, and then click the appropriate groups in the list.

    2. Users – Click Users, and then click the appropriate users in the list.

    The selected groups and users appear in the recipients list.

    To remove a recipient from the recipients list, click next to the corresponding name.

  5. Click Share.

    For the recipients, the storyboard appears under Shared with me in the Storyboards pane. The recipients can view, embed, and share further (if you allowed resharing).

    The options to manage a storyboard depend on the permissions set for the recipient. For details, see Set permissions for a storyboard.