Create actions

To create an action, you need to define its settings.

Note: A source widget is a widget where you click or point to an element to trigger a visual effect (action) in a target widget. A target widget is a widget where a visual effect is shown when you click or point to an element in a source widget.

For details on the role of actions and the types of actions supported in Storyboards, see About actions.

  • You have at least one storyboard with at least two widgets. For details, see Add widgets.
  • The widgets that you want to connect use the same dataset. For highlighting actions, the widgets that you want to connect must use the same dataset and dimensions.
  • The storyboard page where you want to create an action is open.
  1. On the Storyboards toolbar, click Enable changes.
  2. Point to the upper-right corner of the widget that you want to set as a source widget.

    The widget toolbar appears.

    Point to Edit, and then click Manage actions.

    The widget settings pane appears with the Actions pane open.

    Tip: You can also start creating an action from the widget settings pane. On the advanced tab, expand the Actions section. Then, click manage actions. The Actions pane appears.

  3. In the Actions pane, ensure that the As source tab is selected, and then click New in the upper-right corner.

  4. Define the following settings, depending on the widget that you selected as a source.

  5. Click Apply.

    The new action is shown in the Actions pane and applies to the widgets in real time.

  6. Click Save Save on the Storyboards toolbar.