Add data connections

This topic describes how to add a data connection directly from the Data connections pane. You can also add a data connection during the creation of a dataset. You can also duplicate a data connection and edit its details, if necessary.

  • You have appropriate user rights for the data source to which you want to connect.
  1. On the sidebar, click Data connections.

    The Data connections pane appears.

  2. Click New connection.

  3. Click the type of data connection that you want to create.

    The Add data connection dialog appears.

  4. On the Connection details tab, specify the data connection details. The available fields depend on the type of data connection that you selected.

  5. By default, metadata is cached for each new connection.

    To change the setting, click the Caching tab, and turn off Cache metadata for this connection.

  6. Click Test Connection.

    A message indicates whether the connection to the data source was successful.

  7. If the connection was successful, click Save.

    The data connection is saved and is available in the Data connections pane.

    You can use this connection to create other datasets.

    Tip: In the Data connections pane, click a connection tile to create a dataset based on it.