DCPY.ROBUSTSCALER(with_centering, with_scaling, quantile_range_min, quantile_range_max, column)

The Robust Scaler scales data according to the interquartile range and removes the median. It is a better alternative than the Standard Scaler (removing the mean and scaling to unit variance) in case of a higher number of outliers.

  • with_centering – Specifies if the data needs to be centered, Boolean (for example, True).
  • with_scaling – Specifies if the data needs to be scaled to the interquartile range, Boolean (for example, True).
  • quantile_range_min – Lower bound of the IQR used for scaling, float (for example, 25).
  • quantile_range_max – Upper bound of the IQR used for scaling, float (for example, 75).
  • columns – Dataset column or custom calculation.

Example: DCPY.ROBUSTSCALER(True, True, 25, 75, [Discount])

Input data
  • Numeric column.
  • Rows containing missing values are dropped before calculations.
  • A numeric column with transformed values with the same length as the input column.
  • Missing values are on the same indices as in the input column.
Key usage points
  • Use it when the data contains a large number of outliers.

The following example shows how the car weight and fuel economy (mpg) are scaled using the following functions:

  • DCPY.ROBUSTSCALER(True, True, 25, 75, [MPG])

  • DCPY.ROBUSTSCALER(True, True, 25, 75, [WT])

The two scaled values are visualized in the Butterfly visualization.

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